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Rape, Kidnapping – Not Guilty

Client charged in 2018 for 2008 sexual assault based on “cold case” DNA evidence.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-628815

Aggravated Murder  – Not Guilty

Client accused of instigating shoot-out that led to another man's death. 

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-18-631244-A

Date Rape Drug Charge – Not Guilty

Client charged with drug-induced sexual assault and weapons charges.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-623172

Felonious Assault Shooting Charges – Not Guilty

Client accused of shooting man.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-609574

Rape, Felonious Assault – Not Guilty

Client accused of raping teen, breaking her wrist, and causing other injuries.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-579789

Attempted Murder – Not Guilty

Cousins accused of shooting woman in  attempted robbery.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-561103

Gang Rape Charges – Not Guilty

Friends accused of kidnap and sexually assault of teen on way to school.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-483743: https://www.clevescene.com/cleveland/they-raped-me/Content?oid=1497472

Robbery – Not Guilty

Client charged with carjacking; alibi defense based on ATM video footage.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-626118

Gang Rape – Not Guilty

Client charged in 2018 for 1998 kidnapping-gang rape based on “cold case” DNA evidence.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-624971

(Client only convicted of one unrelated 2005 count of corruption of a minor.)

Aggravated Murder – Not Guilty

Client accused of executing rival gang member.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-604198 (consolidated with Case No. CR-15-597241)

Rape, Kidnapping – Not Guilty

Client charged with raping teen; consent defense.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-609294

Robbery of Pizza Delivery Drivers – Not Guilty

Three witnesses ID'ed client; defense: police manipulated photo “line-ups.”

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-510808

Sexual Abuse – Not Guilty

Client charged with raping family member for years.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-575169

Father Accused of Sex Abuse  – Not Guilty

Adopted daughter accused Client of sexually abuse.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-514741

Child Sex Abuse Case, Life Imprisonment Specification – Not Guilty

Daughter of Client's ex-girlfriend made accusation after couple's break-up.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-484827

Rape – Charges Dismissed

Client charged in 2016 with 2001 rape based on “cold case” DNA evidence.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-610782

Felonious Assault – Not Guilty

Self defense case: Client caused facial injuries to fellow exotic dancer with stiletto heel.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-608449

Teacher-Student Assault - Not Guilty 

Classmates accused Cleveland City School teacher of beating female student.

Cleveland Muni. Case No. 03-CRB-008617

Statutory Rape, Two Accusers – Not Guilty

Teens claimed maintenance man sexually abused them.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-559907

Robbery Conviction Overturned

Client wrongly convicted of armed robbery of convenience store.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-484038

Felony Homicide – Not Guilty; Convicted of Misdemeanor

Client fatally shot friend in the head; claimed accident, firearm defects.

2009-Ohio-2384: http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/rod/docs/pdf/8/2009/2009-ohio-2384.pdf

Child Molestation – Charges Dismissed

Client faced life in prison without parole for nephew's rape claim.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-492755

Aggravated Murder - Charges Dismissed; Client Got Probation

Client accused of murdering Parma man; pleaded to obstruction of justice.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-519589

Felony Gun Possession - Not Guilty

Client charged with bringing loaded handgun into Cleveland Clinic.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-631949

Life Sentence for Rape – Convictions Reversed

Client wrongfully convicted of molesting younger nieces.

Cuyahoga App. No. 83024: https://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/rod/docs/pdf/8/2004/2004-Ohio-1121.pdf

Felony Drug Trafficking Arrest – Dismissed on Constitutional Grounds

Police coerced Client to let them search closed container in his car.

Lorain Case No. 06-CR-070728

Felony Drug Possession – Dismissed on Constitutional Grounds

Officer says he “felt” drug evidence in Client’s pockets.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-571389

DUI Charges – Dismissed on Constitutional Grounds

Corrections officer stopped based on anonymous tip.

Rocky River Case No. 03-TRC-28589

DUI Charges – Dismissed on Constitutional Grounds

Client charged for "pile-up" crash.

Cleveland Case No. 2001-TRC-122586: www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/rod/docs/pdf/8/2002/2002-Ohio-6512.pdf

Felony Drug Possession – Dismissed on Constitutional Grounds

Client searched because he appeared to be on PCP.

Cuyahoga Case No. 622874

Felony Domestic Violence - Not Guilty

Client accused of wife-beating.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-08-508506

DUI Charges – Dismissed on Constitutional Grounds

Client pulled over on vague tip.

Painesville Muni. Case No. TRC-6754 & CRB-02553

Man Accused of Spying in Women’s Restroom – Not Guilty

Three witnesses claimed Client was “Peeping Tom” in office building.

Shaker Hts. Muni. Case No. 06-CRB-01258

DUI Charge – Not Guilty

Client arrested on anonymous “bad driving” tip and flawed field sobriety tests.

Lyndhurst Case No. 03-TRC-3009

Child Endangering – Not Guilty

Door-to-door sales program owner accused of child exploitation.

Rocky River Muni. Case No. CRB-2025 & 2026

Domestic Violence and Child Endangering - Charges Dismissed

Client accused of attacking wife with hammer.

Cleveland Muni. Case No. 2007- CRB-022192


White Mail Carrier Wins $100K Plus - Reverse Race Discrimination

Client fired was white mail carrier  in a predominantly black post office.

EEO Case No. 4C-440-0192-05 & EEOC Case No. 220-2006-00001X

Fair Labor Overtime Wage Settlement Recovered for Fitness Center Workers 

Confidential, $100K(+) settlement for workers denied minimum wage and overtime.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Fitness Corp., U.S. District Court (N.D. Ohio)

Gender Bias Claims: $100K (+) Settlement for 15 Women

Females responding to help wanted-ads claimed they were rejected due to sex.

Doe et al. v. ABC Utilities Corp., U.S. District Court (N.D. Ohio)

$80K Settlement – Sexual Harassment Claim Over Inflatable Sex Doll

Female police officer alleged hostile work environment.

Lorain Case No. CV-131859

$87.5K Settlement - Disabled Employee Wins Back Job

Clerk fired after a work-related shoulder injury claimed wrongful termination.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Health Care Corporation - U.S. District Court (N.D. Ohio)

$90K Settlement for Older Worker Pressured to Retire

68-year-old tool and die maker claimed he was forced out of his job due to age.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Manufacturing Corporation - U.S. District Court (N.D. Ohio)

$50K Settlement for Area Professor 

Kent State professor non-renewed after taking time off for sick family.

N.D. Ohio Case No. 5:06-CV-02476

Verdict in Favor of Sales Manager 

Jury award of $27.5K for unpaid sales performance bonus.

Summit App. No. CA-25448: https://www.leagle.com/decision/inohco20091021656

School Treasurer Recovers $50K Settlement for Contract Claim

Client argued that school board breached his employment agreement.

Mahoning App. No. 03 MA 87: http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/rod/docs/pdf/7/2004/2004-ohio-1550.pdf

Fired Manager Gets $55K Settlement

African American managerial employee accused company of unequal treatment.

Doe v. ABC Company, American Arbitration Ass’n

Worker Granted Trial in Race Discrimination Case

Client: work performance suffered due to white supervisor allegedly increasing his workload.

2004-Ohio-3876: https://law.justia.com/cases/ohio/eighth-district-court-of-appeals/2004/2004-ohio-3876.html


$105K Settlement - Defective Tree Stand 

Shattered wrist after 15-foot hunting stand collapse.

Cuyahoga Case No. CV-497895

Broken Vertebra - $65K Settlement

Client struck at intersection.

Cuyahoga Case No. CV-573742

Dental Injuries - $62.5K Settlement

Client sued for injuries requiring reconstructive procedures.

Cuyahoga Case No, CV-759869